We think strategically

Is your website recovering its costs? How are you measuring that? Who is responsible for ensuring content is accurate and up to date? What happens if a user complains about accessibility? Who decides if there are disagreements about what should be on the site?

These are some of the questions surrounding the management of your site. Without clear answers, you are in danger of damaging your reputation, losing money or even being prosecuted. We don't just build websites, we provide a structure for effectively running and develop that site over the long term.

Research and recommendations

Carrying out an isolated website redesign project every two to three years is not a strategy for growth. However, before we would consider altering a website, we first need to establish some fundamentals such as business strategy and a long-term roadmap.

We don't necessarily expect our clients to have these in place before commissioning us but, we can help you put those pieces in place, by carrying out a research project.

Web governance

Having a great website is only the start. Successfully maintaining it is the challenge. We can help put in place the structures that will ensure the investment in your website won't go to waste. Together we can establish the structure of your web team, reporting lines, who makes decisions about which aspects of your web presence and more. With these guidelines in place, your website will transform from a potential risk into a profit making channel.

Web measurement

The most effective websites are those that are constantly monitored, tested and improved. The monitoring of key metrics, carrying out of periodic reviews and having an ongoing programme of usability testing are key. Once this becomes a part of an organisation’s culture, the transformation can be remarkable. We can guide you through that process and help you put a programme of monitoring in place.

Ultimately, we are attempting to paint a picture of what a successful website will achieve. This is often realised through the careful creation of calls to action that can be specifically measured against success criteria and KPIs...learn more about this approach